Friday, September 11, 2009


a finally have a new blog.
today i purchased an adorable white bike.
i know i have claimed i was going to buy a yellow bike, but there are none out there.
and when i saw this bike, i knew it was meant to be mine.
she is very old, made in the 40s or so,
and has bits of red paint poking through which i find charming.
she is perfect.
the only thing is that she needs a splash of color somewhere.
so i found thee perfect green basket, although its mighty pricey
one day it will be snuggled up on the front of my bike.
when that day will be?
i hope soon. but no one knows for sure.

i can't wait to ride her around salt lake, going to markets, or bookstores.
oh if you haven't heard already...
i'm not moving to california just yet.
sad news for me. happy news for you!
me and one of my besties are going to get our own place and
move to sugarhouse or the avenues.
can't wait!

but enjoy my new blog.
i know i sure will :)
and i will post a picture of my bike tomorrow.
we are going on a photoshoot!

in the meantime, enjoy this clip of pheobe riding her bike


I'm Natalie. said...

I don't know about everyone else but I for one was SO GRATEFUL for the Spanish subtitles.

Trista Courtney said...

haha i was just going to make a comment about the subtitles! oh so grateful!

Taren said...

just a little bit of early morning blog stalking.... wanted to say your bike sounds wonderful! i just got a beautiful new bike 2 days ago. It's cream-ish pink, and I OF COURSE got a basket! yay bikes! :)

Taren said...

p.s. i sort of love your header.

robyn said...

Court I love your new blog name! I think i is perfect! Now we just need to work on getting you a green basket huh? And your bike... Adorable! still so so happy that you are not moving to Cali! YIPPY!!!