Sunday, February 28, 2010


monday night i was over at the woodbury's watching the bachelor,
went to leave and found my drivers side window shattered!
i ran so fast back into the house, thinking that the person might have still been around.
i should have taken a picture of the glass EVERYWHERE, oh and believe me it is everywhere. in my air vents in all. don't be surprised if i one day go blind from getting glass in my eyes. i guess the good side is that they didn't steal anything. but it's like why even throw the rock then huh?

i saw this under my seat when i got home, wasn't sure if they threw a potato or a rock at my window.
it's a rock.

in the morning, i got to scope out the damage in good lighting and found that they must have had horrible aim and hit the very corner of the window, and cracked this (not sure what to call this part, the plastic in between the window and the side mirror? good enough for me)
so yes, i was mad. but thankfully i had a friend that hooked me up with getting a new window the next day, and for such a good deal! and i am grateful for all of my cute friends that were there that night, calling the cops for me, waiting in the freezing cold for them to get there, sweeping up glass... friends are the best!

i still think whoever threw that rock should get a rock, or potato, thrown at them.
the end.


The Woodbury's said...

I am convinced if those rock throwing fools ever come around again Trev and his bat will take care of it! Oh and that nifty little knife he had!! Hahah! I am still so sorry that that happened! What a bummer! Love you so much!! See you tomorrow!! Xoxo

sarah jane said...

yes they all should get hard or sharp objects thrown at them! love you court! glad you got it fixed.

Karli said...

jerks! i will hunt them down and teach them a lesson.

The Adamsons said...

That is so sad! I would be livid and that rock/potato is huge!

Stacey Sargent said...

I can't believe they threw a rock at you! Lame people!

PS you are so sweet (referring to your comment!) I would freaking LOVE for you to take my pictures. I get kind of awkward in front of the camera, but you are so talented that I cannot pass it up!!!

Ty Carter said...