Thursday, February 28, 2008


This was a struggle, and only up for a few days because i could not figure out how to hang up the rope light. I ended up ducktaping it up, that did not last... But i stole this idea from the store Anthropologie it was fun while it lasted!

My mom for valentines day/brandon's birthday dinner made us each individual heart shaped cakes. She is so creative, they turned out so cute and so so yummy! I'm so lucky to be in such a creative family!

Speaking of valentines day... i found these posted on another blog and i thought they were so funny! I wish i would have found them before valentines, i would have totally sent them out!

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Emily Call said...

ha ha ha. love those! Lost is the best show ever. Oh, and I love the cute heart cakes. I love the creativity that our family is blessed with!