Wednesday, March 5, 2008

my roommates

me, courtney, katie
So last year i had a funny little situation. I lived with another courtney and then brittney and whitney were my other two roommates. It was so funny because all of our names end with a t-n-e-y! Well this year i live with another courtney and her friend katie (which by the way is the davies' next-door neighbors neice-small world). Well we kept getting these roommates that would only stay for like a month or so... until we just got a new roommate. Guess what her name is?? It's katie! So now two courtneys and two katies. Oh wow i always luck out with funny combinations like that! But i always luck out with the best roommates ever, so i am greatful for that!


Emily Call said...

That is funny. You are all so cute! Love the picture.

Natalie & Logan said...

Roommates are so fun! Even boys! I love my roommate too! Cute group of girls!