Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a popcorn party

my mom called me the night before my birthday and asked what kind of dessert i wanted for my birthday. nothing sounded good except popcorn, so i said hey! let's have a popcorn party.
and so we did.

we had a variety of popcorn.
white cheddar, white chocolate mint oreo, caramel, and circus.

can you tell i was saying "noooooo way". i couldn't believe it. i was stoked.

my cute camera from brother, and cute books from the parents!

a few decorations


my type of a birthday cake.

not bad for pulling this all together very last minute huh?
it could have been reeeeally cute, but i still loved every detail of it.
such a fun day!


sarah jane said...

did you just say "it could have been" ? girl... it freaking was!

The Woodbury's said...

Amen Sar!! That is so cute I can't stand it! The Winnie's BLOW MY MIND!

The Brady Bunch said...

YUM! Popcorn is hands down my favorite treat!

Karli said...

now thats my kind of party :) you guys make everything cute. and i loove the presents you got!

Sean and Carson Brimley said...

I feel like maybe your family should adopt us....SO DANG CUTE!

Brooke said...

Oh this party is to die for! Happy (late) birthday!

Kate said...

That looked fantasic!!!
PS how do you make oreo popcorn??? I am in need!