Monday, July 19, 2010

happy happy birthday

to karli dear!
my beautiful cousin and favorite model.
we are only two years apart in age,
so you can only imagine how much fun we have had growing up together!
love you much kars, hope you had a perfect 20th birthday.


Lisa said...

Courtney... you are such a sweetie pie! I love this post and these pictures! Karli has always LOVED playing with her cousin Courtney, and I can see why.
Love you lots & lots :) Auntie Lisa

Karli said...

COURTNEY! Thanks for the birthday wishes and the present- i looove it!! This post sure is great, you are the BEST! I loved your video too!! :)

jessandbryce said...

such great pics!!~! court i miss you!! please may we go to lunch or SOMETHING?? Love you.

Emily Call said...

cute pictures of a really cute girl!