Monday, January 3, 2011

a goal or two

2010 was full of some good and bad times.
let's just remember the good ones!

each year i like to blog a few goals, thinking it would actually make me stick to them...
but i've been failing.

this year I WILL:
travel outside the US. italy please.
give my business 110%. working on teaming up with some magazines.
get a rockin body. this is happening, just you wait.
be more spontaneous. gain more adventures.
be more charitable & do more service. would love to travel and work in an orphanage.
spend less time on the computer. more time outside, living life.
expand my knowledge of the gospel. deepen my relationship with god.
be a better sister, daughter, auntie. more sincere, more loving, and giving.
ride my bike more. blog the fun times.

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B and B said...

Random question of the day: How do you find all of these cute songs? Just curious. Thanks!