Thursday, February 26, 2009


My cousin Holly informed me that she and her husband Tyler haven't had any professional pictures done since they were married! I just had to change that! I gave them my little valentines delight discount and we headed to Salt Lake for a family photo shoot! Such a cute little family, and the cutest little girls ever!! Thanks holly, i had so much fun. Let's do this again next year :)





Sometimes ring around the rosie is all it takes to get some smiles!
tickles work too!

so so SO cute!!



Lisa said...

Great pictures Courtney!!
Holly your family looks so cute:)
I love the black and white one where you and Tyler are looking at your girls. Also the ring around the posey one is soooo darling:D

robyn said...

Cute pictures Court! what a cute fam. I love the ring around the rosy one with Holly and the girls. also, Love the new header too... MINUS THE PICTURE OF ME!!!!! Our week is dwindling down and we still have not gone on our date to Lanikai! When can we go?

Karli said...

Cute pictures! My favorite is the close up black and white one! I love your header too!

Marcie said...

Courtney, you are amazing! That ring around the rosie picture is too cute! Holly is such a babe in the black and white one where she is looking at Lily. Wow-wee!

Linda :) said...

Such cute pictures Courtney! I Love the ring around the rosie one also, such a cute idea : ) Holly your fam is sooooo darling. I wish Courtney chould have taken pictures of my family when they were little. ha ha that would have been tricky : )