Friday, February 20, 2009

we like to move it move it!

Reason number 712 why i love my friends.
We go 80s dancing and dance until we can't dance anymore!

court & trist bonked their heads. ouchhhh

love you girls!


Linda :) said...

Ha ha You guys look great! I want to go 80's dancing! I missed the 80's I was having babies!!! : ) : ) : )

Brooke said...

How fun! I wanna go!

Sarah Jane said...

love courtney oldroyds outfit!

Court said...

love you Sar!!! This was seriously so much fun! It needs to happen more often, but no more banging head on obnoxious things that are invisible in a disco room! :) xoxo

London Peterson said...

I lub your post! This needs to happen more often!!! Love you woman!!

Trista Courtney said...

haha i love this! 80's that night was absolutely amazing!

love you girls!