Sunday, July 19, 2009

19 on the 19th

I had to wish my gorgeous of a cousin a happy birthday today!
she just turned the big one nine!
I love having a cousin so close to me in age
we've been best of friends since the moment she was born!
I seriously hope you have the best birthday ever kars, because you of all people deserve one!
You are such a fun, hilarious, sweet, and loving girl. I admire you :)
Oh and thanks for always being my a fantabulous model for me!
You rock!
love you


Karli said...

THANKS COURT!!! I love that picture of us!! Thanks for the two birthday hugs today!!! Love ya!!

Linda :) said...

Awwwwwe I wish you two were still little, I miss little girl, Courtney, & little girl Karli : ) Love you both!