Tuesday, August 25, 2009

caution: bees will sting if you smother them

yes this is me. i was a bee last year for halloween.

let me tell you a story about the first time i got stung by a bee...
Back when i was about six, i was going to go with my mom to take my aunt home. i decided to wait for them in the car. i sat down and heard a funny buzzing sound. i sat up to find a bee had been under my tush! luckily it did not sting my bum, it just stung my knee instead.
its funny because i can remember this day so clearly.
and i remember tanner's first bee sting, and karli's. not sure why.

let me tell you another story...
about three days ago i went to the draper pool with my mom, lil sis, and a bunch of little kids. Everyone was in the pool yelling for me to come in. i went to get in the pool and debated on whether i should take the stairs, or jump in. i guess i decided to do a combo, and i used the metal rail on the stairs as a guide to help me jump into the pool. after i jumped in my thumb killed. it felt like the bar shocked me or something. then lil sis told me there had been a bee on the bar...
and yes it stung me.

i have bad luck with smothering bees i guess. and i am going to be more careful about where i sit, or place my hands now. haha stupid bees.

yes i am back to doing random blog posts. i know you missed them!!

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Karli said...

That's funny you remember mine! Was it you who got stung when you were climbing your fence at your old house? I swear it was you, or one of the winnies.