Thursday, April 29, 2010

my birthday: in mini

i treated myself to a whole roll of instax mini film on my birthday.
here's what i got.
i am still new at this camera...

sunday night i had my cousins over to watch the jazz game and for a popcorn party!
digital photos of the party coming soon.
cupcake from sweet tooth fairy. birthday tradition.

left: vintage camera-gift from brother, books-gift from parents! right: me trying to jump. i think we took the photo a lil too early.
thanks ali and lil sis for taking the photos of me!


kylee said...

love the pictures! someday i will own one of those cameras! hope you had a great birthday!

The Adamsons said...

Court! I want those books too! I am going to invest this summer, just looked at them for the millionth time at Anthro last night! Love you + happy you had a good birthday!

e and d said...

you're so darling! i am glad you are blogging more lately!! and, you do look super skinny!!! :)

anna said...

glad you had a happy birthday! i love the look of these photos, so cute!

Amy E. Campbell said...

these are great! hope you had a great birthday!