Thursday, September 23, 2010

finally, a post.

well, i made it. and i'm sorry i'm already off to a bad start on blogging. with no camera, it makes it easy to forget about blogging. but i just learned how to blog from my phone, best invention ever. so here's my past week documented from an iphone. enjoy!

took my bike apart, and it actually all fit in my car! yippy!

how do you keep yourself entertained on the drive? play the license plate game!

ahhh home.

view from my front door. doesn't get much better than that.

watched my first california sunset. well, as a california resident.

dance party. watch the funny thing navi does with her eyes when she spins in circles.

went and watched the waves at the wedge. definitely the first of many more wedge sessions to come.
i get to snuggle and hold this baby anytime. so much fun!!

went to fhe, met some new people, made some new friends, learned how to hula. it was all in all a fun time!

we've had a few sweet painting parties here. b+r have found some awesome furniture!

my cute new wallet, $10 from tj maxx. what a steal.

does anyone else remember this popcorn? i know me and karli were OBSESSED. the butter you pour on is delicious, well i haven't seen this popcorn in a store in many years, i was so happy when i discovered it at big lots the other day!
i can't tell you how excited i am to have my bike down here. today i rode to the cute little market half of a mile away to grab a few items. i was so giddy at the fact i can actually do that now!

park time with navi.

this girl makes me so happy.

taking a walk with the babe around the block.

so there is a general idea on what i've been up to! besides looking for jobs, filling out a million applications, attempting to be social, making friends, editing & emailing. i'll keep you posted when something new or exciting happens! miss you all!


sarah jane said...

court! love that you are having fun. i am jealous i wish jakey and i could move there! maybe when we are done with school. love you a lot.

jessandbryce said...

keep us posted even when something new or exciting DOESN'T happen k?? love you! glad your having fun out there!

The Brady Bunch said...

Looks like you're right at home!

Amy E. Campbell said...

So glad you made it down there safely! Looks like a perfect place to live. Keep us updated on all your adventures!

Linda :) said...

Keep posting so I can see all the fun and new adventures you are having!!! Love and miss you SO much!!! I hope you get a camera soon!!! mmmmwwwaaahhh

kylee said...

hope everything is going well for you in caaali!