Wednesday, October 13, 2010


two things i am missing right now...

the colors. the weather. the clothes you get to wear.
califonia has been at least 75 or higher. it hit a whopping 106 last week. as much as i do love the warmth, i want to bust out boots, and jackets, and tights! but it looks like it's finally starting to cool off, guess i should have taken advantage of the added summer bonus huh?

it's killing me i can't go see thriller this year.
it's a yearly tradition for me to see it at least 2-3 times. at least!
i guess it's a good thing lil sis didn't try out this year, or else i would have probably hopped on a plane just to go to a show.
yes that is just how much i love it.
please go see it for me.
(remember when i won free tickets syb? so much fun! miss you!)

but i am more than happy to be living in CA.
Picture 15
how cute is my roomie?
love her.


Carrie said...

I am missing fall too. I keep thinking-anyday now it will cool down and the leaves will start changing. nope, it's not happening.

Navi is such a doll.

Hope you are enjoying your adventure.

The Adamsons said...

Yes! You should still fly home and we can go to thriller together! Glad you're having fun in Cali! Miss you.

Linda :) said...

you will never have a cuter roomate!!!