Wednesday, October 15, 2008

homecoming dance

My cousin Karli got asked to the homecoming dance that was on saturday. Robyn went up to do her hair and make up and i tagged along to take pictures! Karli looked so beautiful! Luckily the snow clouds went away and we actually had some sun to shoot some pictures of kars and her friend emily outside! I had so much fun watching her get ready and seeing her date come to pick her up. Weird how i've almost been out of high school for 3 years!
Well kars lets do this again next dance! :)

Karli's "crew" working on her!


CHRIS said...

Good photography!

Carrie said...

cute pictures. Your cousin looks a lot like you!

Holly Jones said...

Karli is beautiful! And you are an amazing photographer. Nice work.

Karli said...

Courtney I love these pictures! Thanks again for coming over! Yes, We can definitely do this for the next dance too!!

Sammie Noellie said...

COURTNEY!!! teach me to be HALF as an amazing photographer as you are!! i envy your skill! but also i love you!! :D