Wednesday, October 15, 2008

robyn's baby shower

My mom and aunts threw my sister in law Robyn the cutest baby shower ever! The theme was look whos joining the family tree. (who as in a owl saying whooo) So therefor they had lots of cute little owl decorations! Of course my mom went all out and made her present look like a baby owl and even sewed a cute owl made of fabric pieces onto a onesie! When you arrived you got a plastic binki necklace to put on, and if you said the word cute or baby someone could steal your binki. And the person at the end of the night with the most binkis gets a prize. Of course i was the first one out. How can i go without saying cute? We had a yummy dinner - pasta bar with the choices of tomato, alfredo, and pesto sauces. Salad and delicious olive garden breadsticks! After dinner we played baby bunko! I hadn't played and i loved it! I seriously want to start up a bunko group! haha. Then we opened presents and had dessert, coconut cake and gingerbread cookies. We sat around and talked for awhile. I love that this was almost a 5 hour long shower. It was a blast though and it was fun catching up with all the fam!

of course i took pictures!

the cute owl favors
baby bunko tables

dizzie lizzies YUM!
karli and trisha were snatching binkis left and right!

fun with the binkis

mmmm pesto.
robyn opening her presents!

my outfit i got her "all by myself" haha
when robyn pulled this out my grandma yelled "ohhh i want that!!" ha it was so funny

these two could not stop laughing!for her "hooters"

her cute diaper bag! everyone wanted it!
for her "night owl"
trisha won the most binkis!
all of robyns cute presents!
On the way home we were talking about how every single thing robyn got was so dang cute! She got so many things! Everyone was so generous!

After this night things became more real! I can't believe she can be having
the baby any day now!! I cannot wait to see my little neice!


Emily Call said...

It was so much fun! Oh, and Amy and I are so dang awesome in that picture! ha ha.

Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

Girl! This is So cute! you did such a good job!

Karli said...

She really did get such CUTE things for her little BABY!
That was a fun shower. Atwood Bunko once week?

robyn said...

Cure Pics! Thanks for posting this Court. Now I can steel your pictures and actually make a post on mine... how sad that I am the last one to make a post for my own baby shower. I think we should have Bunko at least once a week!!!!

Lisa said...

It was such a fun shower and great pictures Courtney!
I am going to have to steal some for my blog...I was way too busy to take pictures so I am glad that you did:)

LiNdS said...

Court your pictures are so gorgeous. You have a way with that camera! What a fun shower... you Winnies are amazing.

Trista Courtney said...

a) how cute
b) love pesto