Sunday, October 5, 2008

portrait party

Me and stacey had such a fun time shooting the portrait party! We lucked out with weather, it poured for a good 30 minutes between my shoots but stacey had to shoot in it! Luckily it was a bunch of girl roommates so they had so much fun splashing in the puddles. Everyone definitely need to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! We are probably going to be doing another one in November so perfect timing for Christmas cards!
I will keep you posted on the date! :)

Chad and Alissa

Tait Family

Shirley Family

Alexander Family


Emily Call said...

These are such great pictures. Can I be YOU when I grow up? You have so much talent.

Sarah Jane said...

what's a portrait party? I want one!

bethany said...

nice work courtney, what a blast!!

Ty Carter said...

Rock on Miss Winnie! Very nice compositions :)

Anika said...

I need to add you to my blog! Wasn't that soccer game fun!? I love your photography... you are very talented!

Er Bear said...

we live in laie right by the school, but we venture over to hauula occasionally! thanks for constantly entertaining me with your photos!