Tuesday, May 5, 2009

another one married...

Saturday one of my best friends got married.
I was so worried when i woke up that morning because it was all rainy, and gray. But the second she walked out of the temple the sun came out and it turned into such a gorgeous day. {Minus the wind}
But she looked beautiful, and i have never seen her more happy!







left to right: jessie{married}, me{single, always}, abby{married & PREGO}, london{single}, sarah{has a serious boyfriend}, and cassidy{engaged} these are my friends. That is sad we are only 21 and i only have a few friends who are still single. I need more friends!

this is syb's cutie little niece gretta. Love her.
For some reason it had not hit me that syb was getting married. We went to her Wedding dinner on Friday night, and people were crying but not me.

some of the girls at syb's wedding din

It just hadn't sunk in. Not until this moment...
As soon as they had their first dance together i lost it. And couldn't stop my tears. I could not be more happy for my friend though, she has picked the perfect guy for her and i know they will have the best marriage! I will miss you this summer my little married one, but i will see you when you move back! Congrats! Love you both!!


Trevor & Cassidy said...

sniffle sniffle.. why do we grow up? I love you!

Sarah Jane said...

why crying!?!!!?! this is happy!!!!!!

Linda :) said...

Syb looks so pretty! I miss all of these girls hanging out at our house! Tell your friends to slow down and enjoy their young, SINGLE, carefree lives, you all have the rest of your lives to be married! : D

Karli said...

Cute pictures! I love the dancing one. Congrats Syb!

The Durr's said...

Hello Hello!! I saw your blog on a friend's blog and think your photography is AMAZING!! I just wanted to chat with you about prices etc! So just shoot me an email thanks girl!
-Shannon Durr

Lauren Alexis said...

Courtney! I love these pictures! I can't believe that my wedding day has come and gone..I'll be stocking your blog and website all summer long! Miss and love you!