Monday, May 4, 2009

last night...

my birthday officially ended.
and LOOK...
my mom & sister in law made me the rainbow cake!
It was soooo yummy.
Thanks guys, you made my birthday complete!


Karli said...

Such a yummy cake!! Way cute too! I still don't understand how they made it... but good job Linda and Robyn!

Emily Call said...

Yuuuuuum! So glad you got your rainbow cake.

Anonymous said...

Collin is going to kill me, but I vote you move to Cali, that is if your looking for votes. Your adorable.
Collin's Mom Kim

robyn said...

All the credit for this cake goes to your mom. I barely did anything. I just colored some of the layers (mostly the ones that didnt turn out) so Props to LINDA for the cute and yummy cake!

Linda :) said...

Im glad you liked your rainbow cake! Sorry it was a little late : D Love you