Friday, May 22, 2009

someone wise once said..

Picture 2

...and it's true. Not that i have ever been in love, but i AM in love with vintage vw beetles.

I have decided now is the time to say my goodbyes to Joseph (my jeep),
and say hello to a bug!
Joseph was good to me, and we have so many memories together, but if i really move to california i must get a car that would be able to make the road trips back and forth.
Can't you picture me in one of these??
I sure can! Only problem is, how do i chose what color??
part of me wants to carry on the tradition and get another yellow car! What do you think?


Marcie said...

I think you would do Joseph proud if it were yellow! Another color could be fun though... What do I know? My car is white!

Carrie said...

I had convertible beetle (I won it)although it wasn't a vintage. We loved it, but it wasn't very practical with our kids. It was yellow, well actually "Harvest Moon". Did you ever see it, I don't think you knew who I was back then :)

Lisa said...

A white vintage beetle with a for sale sign drove past us on Wasatch Blvd on Sunday and we almost flipped a U turn to chase it down so we could call and ask about it. It was so
Too bad we don't still own our yellow bug we had when we were would be very vintage by now!!! ha ha ha

little miss erika said...

i'm partial to the cream or the light green myself...but the yellow is so dang cute! i just saw one today....awesome =)

do it girl

Sarah Jane said...

yellow yellow yellow!!!!

Kenzi Dawn said...

Oh my gosh. my first car was a yellow jeep wrangler named wanda!

Brittany said...

I love all the colors and the car. My family has a convertable and I would love to learn how to drive it (I dont do sitck). And please move here. I would love to see you.

cambriaann said...

I have a purple 1973 Bug if you would like it!!! It probably needs a little work... but Sally is a trooper and got me back and forth from school for years and years.

Or... my uncle has a bunch, too. He fixes them up as a hobby. I can check if he has any available...


Images by Serena Gene said...

Oh man, I would love a Bug. I wonder if I could stuff three car seats in the back? Hmmm, no. I think I'll have to go with the bus!
BTW, love your blog. Great pictures and music!