Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the green basket

the title of my blog is in fact THE GREEN BASKET,
and as you can see my bike does not have a such a thing.
today, i purchased one.
the whole reason i named my blog the bike with the green basket is because i saw this...
and knew it had to be mine.
i first saw this basket in a magazine,
but it was just a photo, not an ad.
after lots and lots of searching online i found one for an awesome deal.
{with shipping most sites are charging $100 for this beaut}
so soon this will be displayed proudly on my bike.
i cannot wait!


The Adamsons said...

I love that basket!! It makes me want to get a bike! Hope you're doing well, don't make it be too long before I see you again k? Love you Court.

Emily Call said...

That is so cute Courtney. Can't wait to see it on your bike.