Sunday, June 21, 2009

#1 dad

my sweet little brother austin made this trophy for my dad today.
how cute is that?
he really is the best dad in the world.

so something you must know about my dad is that he is a huge, i mean HUGE chocolate fan. he claims "the darker the better". so for father's day i made him a yummy chocolate cake.


i found an amazing recipe and i was really impressed with it. so if anyone wants the recipe i am more than willing to share it! sooo yummy.

i couldn't find a decent picture of me and my dad, and we took one us tonight but i have the worst allergies and i'm not feeling that great so i just looked blah. but...
dad i love you!
i could not be any more proud to call you my dad.
you are probably the most selfless person i know, and never complain about anything.
i admire that so much. i can't thank you enough for everything you do for me.


Lisa said...

Great job Austin!
Great job Court!
Happy Fathers Day Dave!

Austin said...

Cute post! He really is an amazing dad! you are lucky to have him! Oh you can thank me : )

McKall said...

cute court! the trophy is so cute, I love that. And I seriously want the recipe for that! You and I should get together and bake, what do you say?

The Brady Bunch said...

You look a lot like your dad Courtney. And your cake looks nummy!!

Linda :) said...

Courtney the Austin comment is from me!