Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I want to apologize for being such a lame blogger lately. Don't take it personal if i haven't commented on your blog. I have been so crazy busy these past few weeks, that i barely have time to think. I use google reader to read everyone's blogs, but they don't provide feed for private blogs. So my apology especially goes out to Emily & Brooke. I always forget to read your blogs, and i'm sorry!! I promise to do better, and to be a more efficient blogger.

On a side note...
I will be here in 8 days

doing this again

and staying with this pretty lady
we'll be doing lots of this

and going on hikes to these

or taking 3,922 steps to do this

we'll enjoy a couple of these

and eat lots of french toast at this place

maybe learn a song or two on this

you may find me doing this a lot at the beach

i will be stocking up on these

playing in these

hopefully see more interesting people like this

maybe get better at doing this

and meet up with him

and maybe buy this before i go :)

seriously, CAN'T WAIT.


Emily Call said...

Ok, I will forgive you then... ha ha.

I am so jealous that you are headed to Hawaii... take a lot of pictures.

Brooke said...

I am offically soooooo jealous.

No worries about the comment about my blog...that is what I get for going private.

Karli said...

AHHHHH this post is killing me!! I am so jealous! I miss our Hawaii trip so much! Welp that is going to be way fun!

little miss erika said...


I can't wait for you to come!!

Need a ride from the airport? =)

Linda :) said...

Wish I could come!!! Im so excited for you!!!