Sunday, June 28, 2009

day one

sorry it has taken me so long to blog, but i don't get service anywhere, and so i have to blog from the computers on byu-h's campus. I am having a blast already and so i will keep you updated on what happened each day! :)
I arrived on Thursday afternoon around 11:30 and my dear friend Erika picked me up. We had to make a pit stop at Walmart and pick some things up for EFY. We took a lovely scenic route around the island and stopped at Kava Root's for lunch.


we got the oh so delicious acai bowls!
I tried one last year and have not been able to stop thinking about them, so i was stoked.

me and erika enjoying our bowls.

Its funny how in Hawaii all the proportions are ginormous! So i could barely eat half of my bowl!

we made a friend at lunch. i think he enjoyed the acai as much as i did.


after lunch we dropped off the car to campus. Erika's co-worker let her borrow the car to come pick me up! I love that when you are here and you know someone who owns a car, its yours too!
We then walked to Erika's house. (another thing i love about hawaii, you walk everywhere!)


We hung out at her house for a bit and then went to her friends house to watch them skate.


they claimed the camera was making them "too nervous" to do any real crazy tricks...

after that we all jumped in the back of the truck and headed up to the point

because the boys wanted to jump off.

Erika and i thought it looked a little too risky...

as you can see this one's battle wound.

Later we walked down Kam highway to get some dinner. We walked back facing the gorgeous sunset. ahhhh. Nothing better than a Hawaiian sunset!

We got back to e's house and i was pooped. i was running on about 2 hours of sleep and it was already 12:30 utah time. Robbie, a counselor from last year as well, came over and said that the Shumway's (the session directors at EFY) we're coming to pick us up to feed us.
Haha they are the sweetest couple. I just had dinner so I couldn't even fit a bite in, but the gesture was so cute.
After that was pretty much a blur. I think i went straight to bed when we got home.
All in all, a fantabulous first day in hawaii!

hopefully i will have some more free time to keep blogging. But i start EFY tomorrow.
Wish me luck!!


Tanner Winnie said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited to come this week!!!!

jessandbryce said...

court i miss you sooooooooo much!!! when do you come home??

Linda :) said...

I miss you already, I would say... hurry and come home, but since you are in Hawaii I want time to stand still for you! Have fun : D Keep blogging

Holly said...

So fun! I love the bottom picture.

Trevor & Cassidy said...

i miss you.. :(

but i am glad you are having fun!

robyn said...

Yeah I am glad you are having so much fun! You totally should have jumped point! It is so fun and not risky at all! I hope you have a blast at EFY! We miss you!!!

Sarah Jane said...

i love that lizard, and i am jealous of it. because that place has the BEST acai bowls of all time!!!! xoxox

Brandon said...

Awesome blog sis! Keep em coming!

Court said...

you are number one blogger on my list. You are amazing, hawaii is amazing, and i miss you! HAVE SO MUCH FUN! XOXO LITTLE C

Karli said...

I love all of these pictures and I want to see more! I don't think any trip to Hawaii can be better than the one with me, you, tann and ash! ..the best!

The Miz said...

You got to do EFY!?! I'm so jealous.