Tuesday, November 3, 2009


is anyone reading my blog?
has anyone noticed i changed my blog address?
was that a bad move on my part?
will no one update their links and not know that i have new posts on a new blog?

my blog feels so lonely.
give it some love, and let me know someone out there is reading this.

i know its not a good reason to not have a desire to blog, but hey i need to know i'm not forgotten!
love you all.

picture from our mini trip to st george two weeks ago
more to come soon


Brittany said...

I still read your blog. I still love you even though you decided not to move close to me. I sure do love Navi too.

mary elizabeth said...

i'm reading!

hi, my name is mary and i'm an amatuer photog and i LOVE your photography! very lovely + inspiring!

bwinn said...

When did you take this photo? I love it. Oh and I love the new blog, its frickin sweeeeet!

e and d said...

i read it! i love the videos you post. they are so awesome! i just don't know how you found my blog! i did try and leave a comment on YOUR blog a few days ago about the rainbow cake. did you get it? :)

Brooke said...

Hi Courtney!

I am reading and I updated my link on my blog!

Karli said...

i love this blog & i love that picture

The Brady Bunch said...

Navi is such a doll! I love your blog Courtney! You have such a poetic way of putting things in life. And your pictures are AMAZING!!

The Woodbury's said...

NAVI!! I love her! and I love you Miss Courtney! Shopping today? Can't wait! xoxox

veralicious. said...

hello hello.
i am jessica bickmore baileys cousin and she told me about your photography, and i have been following for a while now.
i love your work!

- katelyn

jessandbryce said...

Court!!! we still read. haha i love you

Carrie said...

I am here. and I am headed to facebook to ask you a photography question. You are on my sidebar too, i changed it last week.

bethany said...

i'm here too!! i totally know how you feel. i think i lost some readers when i switched, but it was a good move since i had a creepy stalker, and from what i've researched (and after blogger took down their site), the stalker hasn't been back. i was hesitant to publicize my new blog, but now that i'm slowly taking it more public on fb and stuff, some of my old readers are finding me again. you're probably doing that too, but keep spreading the word because your blog is too amazing not to read! i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlena said...

i'm following! amateur photographer who knows some girls you went to school with... audrey collier, melissa romriell, shayla moore. searching local photographers, i found a link to your old blog and i can't get enough of your work. ah-mazing. i want to be like you when i grow up.