Friday, November 6, 2009

navi la'ie

born on november 6th,
8lbs 7 oz 20 inches
at noon on the dot
(note that is the time i posted this!)

my navi baby!
i cannot believe you are one. where did the time go?
this past year has probably been thee best year of my life.
you have been such a blessing to me, and have made each day 100% more enjoyable!
it's been so much fun watching you grow up, and being there to see
all the little milestones in your life.
you melt my heart practically everyday, and when i thought that you couldn't get any cuter, here you are the next day even more cute!!
i don't know how you do it. you are my favorite person in this entire world,
and i love pretending like you are my own baby ;)
thanks for being the sweetest, cutest little niece i could ever ask for.
and thanks for all of the many kisses and cuddles you have given me!
i love you more than anything baby!!
your favorite auntie!
ps i have loved capturing your entire first year of your life!!

just minutes after she was born...
IMG_9677 2

IMG_9783 2

one month...



two months...
navi's blessing day


IMG_9379 copy

three months...


four months...

five months...


six months...


seven months...


eight months...

nine months....


ten months...


eleven months...


one year!


this year has been a blast with with you navi baby! love you! and happy birthday!!


courtney brooke said...

can I just copy this and post it on my blog? It is basically everything I wanted to say and all the pictures I wanted to post but worded and layed out alot better. Love this post! I CAN"T believe my baby girl is 1!!! She is so lucky to have you as her Auntie. Auntie cheese!!! I really hope she calls you that. so glad you did not move to Cali. We would have missed you so so much! Love you Court! thanks for being the best Auntie ever!

robyn said...

How nice of you to say those nice things about yourself... Took the words right out of my mouth!! :) oops!

Jessica Kettle said...

oh my goodness, she really is the most BEAUTIFUL baby! bad news though, the subsequent years only go FASTER! my baby is going to be 3 in just a few months. it's just not fair.

The Brady Bunch said...

She is such a cute little baby!! Its so fun to see how much they change over their first year. But with Navi, even the first picture of can tell its her. Being an aunt is SO FUN!!!!

Karli said...

Court these pictures are soooo cute!! Navi is so lucky to have an awesome aunt that takes so many pictures of her!! cute cute cute.

Lisa said...

I can't decide which one my favorite is...they are all too adorable for words! Brandon & Robyn are so lucky they have their own personal photographer!!