Wednesday, November 4, 2009


first of all i want to say thanks for the love!
you guys are the best, so keep it up.
i still know there are some secret readers who i don't even know, and now would be a lovely time to introduce yourselves. we can be blogging buddies!

if you follow me on twitter you will know that i purchased two items of furniture yesterday.
here is item number one:
(stay tuned for item number two)

i bought this cute bench at a local thrift store.
it was $25, which is not an outstanding deal, but with a can of miss tinted paint for $1, that only made this baby $26!


i decided to paint it this mustardy yellow
(thank goodness they had this color at the store),
to match the yellow thats in my bedspread.
i want place this beaut at the foot of the bed,
maybe find some better books to keep on it.
but i love it! what do you think?


Alyssa Christine Evenson aka Ali. said...

It's beautiful court!

Carrie said...


Emily Call said...

Courtney! I love everything about this. The color is awesome!

e and d said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh! love this!!!!! good job!

jessandbryce said...

Oh my gosh I love it!!! Take me shopping next time!

Amber Duron said...

awesome courtney! you are so talented at this! i'm really diggin the color too!

Karli said...

i. love. it.

The Brady Bunch said...

SO CUTE!!! I wish I was that crafty.

Anonymous said...

I want to do these projects with you!

Brooke said...

I love it!